Confessions To a Hero

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Jinki has taught us that one word can change someone’s life… Just saying hello to someone can brighten their entire day and give them just that little bit more strength to soldier on during this tough life.

Jonghyun has taught us that just because we’re different, doesn’t mean we are wrong or can’t be accepted… We are still people with hearts and minds and no matter our style, we are right in our own way.

Kibum has taught us to be people who we are comfortable with. We don’t have to strive to be better than others, all that matters is that we are happy with ourselves and can learn to love the people that we are.

Minho has taught us that holding on and persisting will lead to a good ending. Times get tough, sometimes nearly unbearable, but if we continue on eventually it will be a memory and we will arrive in the place we are meant to be.

Taemin has taught us that we can always self improve. If we want to be at our best, we should not slack off. If we push harder and further, we will reach new feats and become people who we are proud to be.

Shinee are people we look up to, not just because of their singing and dancing, because they are wise, they inspire and they understand. 

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This fancam got to me because of the look on Jinki’s face. Look at him, look how relaxed and indifferent he is before they announced SHINee won Best Artist. That is not the face of someone who anticipates his own win. He claps because he has to, because he expects he’ll have to mask his disappointment and congratulate someone else. He was not expecting his own group to be called up there.

And then, against to what he believes to be all odds, SHINee does win and everyone jumps up to congratulate him and all he does is stop clapping and blankly stare at the announcer because he simply cannot believe they just won a daesang. In the last gif he is finally dragged off his seat and into Yixing’s arms, and even then he just looks dazed and unsure. “Did we really just win this? Is it really okay to cheer?”

This got to me so much, because he—and with him the rest of SHINee, is so genuinely surprised. So happy, but unable to grasp the moment. I personally thought it was gorgeous.

Congratulations, Jinki. Congratulations, SHINee.

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